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Recent Ontario car insurance quotes from

Thousands of drivers across the province come to weekly, looking to uncover savings for their next car insurance policy. Here are a few sample quotes Ontario users received from us on June 25, 2023 – to find out how much (or how little) you could be paying, take advantage of our free auto insurance quote comparison tool today.

  • $67/month

    Windsor car insurance

    for a 56-year-old male, driving a 2012 Toyota RAV4

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  • $120/month

    Toronto car insurance

    for a 53-year-old female, driving a 2009 Toyota Matrix

    get a quote
  • $142/month

    London car insurance

    for a 26-year-old female, driving a 2022 Nissan Kicks

    get a quote
  • $134/month

    Ottawa car insurance

    for a 23-year-old male, driving a 2024 Honda HR-V

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Is car insurance mandatory in Ontario?

Matt Hands

Car insurance in Ontario – as well as the rest of Canada – is required by law. It's there to protect you financially from all different driving-related incidents, such as liability claims, medical needs, and vehicle damage. Without it, you could see a fine anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000, your license may be suspended, and your car could be impounded.

How does car insurance work in Ontario?

Ontario runs on a no-fault auto insurance system. This doesn't mean that you'll never be found at fault for a driving incident. Instead, it means that drivers look toward their own insurance companies for compensation after an accident, regardless of fault. 

Auto insurance in the province is provided by private insurance companies, but the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FRSA) is there to ensure rate increases are substantiated. The agency exists to protect consumer rights and review complaints when insurers aren't following the rules.

Recent Ontario auto insurance news

In December 2022, the FSRA announced a major change to how auto insurance will work in Ontario – while all drivers are currently required to carry four mandatory types of coverages, consumers will have the option to opt out of Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) insurance starting early 2024.

DCPD is there to protect you against vehicle damage if you get into an accident that another driver is responsible for. In this case, it pays for the repair or replacement, even if you don't have the optional collision coverage. By signing OPCF49, the Ontario Policy Change Form to opt out of DCPD, you'll waive your right to collect payment. 

While the policy change is being put in place in an effort to lower car insurance rates for Ontario drivers, many experts warn against the opt-out. A small dip in your premium may not be worth it if you're facing a much more extensive claim in the long run – especially if the accident was a result of someone else's careless mistake. 

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Mandatory types of car insurance in Ontario

In Ontario, all standard auto insurance policies need to come with four basic coverages – let's take at the minimum requirements you need to carry.

Third-party liability

Accident benefits

Uninsured motorist

Direct compensation for property damage (DCPD)

Optional types of car insurance in Ontario

Along with the four basic coverages, you can also increase your protection with optional add-ons – here's a quick overview of common choices for Ontario drivers.



Specified perils

All perils

Emergency roadside assistance

Endorsements (Ontario Policy Change Forms)

Are you getting the best price for Ontario auto insurance?

In less than five minutes, you can compare multiple car insurance quotes from Ontario's top providers, free of charge.

The average cost of car insurance in Ontario

According to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), Ontario's average annual auto insurance premium as of October 2022 was $1,674. Drivers in the GTA saw an average of $2,245 while those in rural areas paid an average of $1,306. We decided to take it a step further and break down the average cost of car insurance in the province based on our own user data.

Last updated in April 2023 – quotes are representative of the average monthly rate users received and expressed an interest in within the last 30 days.

Average monthly quote by age and gender

Average monthly quote by Ontario city

Average monthly quote by vehicle make

Factors that impact your Ontario car insurance quote

Aside from your coverage options and your policy limits, there are many individualized factors auto insurance companies look at when calculating your quote. Here are a few you should be aware of, plus some interesting user statistics from April 2023.

  • Age

    The younger you are, the more expensive your auto insurance will be. Based on our data, the average Ontario driver comparing quotes is 36 years old.

  • Gender

    Males tend to face higher auto insurance premiums than females. Our Ontario user demographic breakdown is about 63% male and 37% female.

  • Location

    High-risk areas come with high-rate insurance. Our Brampton users see the most expensive rates, with the average being $433 per month.

  • Vehicle type

    Cars that cost more to replace, cost more to protect. Based on our average rates, the Honda Accord is the cheapest vehicle to insure.

  • Driving history

    Getting ticketed doesn't just hurt your record – it can also hurt your insurance. According to our Ontario data, 7% of users have a conviction.

  • Driving behaviour

    The more you drive, the more your insurance rate drives up too. On average, our Ontario users commute 15 km each day.

  • License class

    Insurers value experience, so fully-licensed drivers receive the cheapest car insurance rates. 85% of our Ontario users have their G license.

  • Vehicle use

    Business-use cars are more expensive to insure than pleasure-use ones. 93% of our Ontario users come to us to insure a pleasure-use vehicle.

How to get cheap car insurance in Ontario

  1. Shop and compare

    You won't know which Ontario insurer offers the cheapest premium until you shop around – thankfully, comparing quotes is free with us.

  2. Bundle your policies

    Insuring multiple products (e.g. car, house, condo, boat) under one provider is a great way to rack up some savings.

  3. Get a multi-car discount

    If you own more than one car, insuring them together under one policy, instead of purchasing coverage separately, can lead to substantial savings.

  4. Track your driving

    Tracking your driving with usage-based insurance (or telematics) is ideal for safe, low-range drivers – you'll be rewarded for exhibiting good habits.

  1. Keep a clean record

    Traffic convictions and at-fault accidents inevitably lead to higher rates. So stay safe on the road to maintain your cheap insurance.

  2. Install winter tires

    Ontario winters don't always come with the safest driving conditions – some insurers offer a discount for installing the right tires.

  3. Get a group rate

    It never hurts to ask about group discounts. Many providers offer lower rates for corporation members and special alumnus.

  4. Increase your deductible

    Your deductible is the amount you'll be paying before your insurer provides the rest. Higher deductibles lead to cheaper auto insurance.

The inflation of auto insurance in Ontario

According to the Consumer Price Index from Statistics Canada, auto insurance premiums for passenger vehicles increased by 5.2% nationwide year-over-year in March 2023. Ontario drivers, on the other hand, saw a 0.2% increase. To combat the added cost, make sure you shop the market with us today.

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How users are saving on Ontario auto insurance

When comparing car insurance quotes with us, opting for usage-based insurance and auto-home bundling are two additional steps you can take to ensure you're getting the cheapest rate possible. Here's what we found when looking at Ontario user data from April 2023.

49% of Ontario users opt-in for telematics – When exhibiting safe driving habits, drivers can save between 10 to 30% by participating in a telematics (or usage-based insurance) program. Keep in mind, however, that you may also see a surcharge in Ontario if you're deemed a risky driver. 

31% of Ontario users opt-in for auto-home bundling – Every P&C insurer offers its own version of a bundling discount (typically up to 25% off), so be sure to opt-in if you're also looking for property coverage. And the savings aren't just limited to your car policy – you'll see a discount on your home insurance too. 


of users opt-in for telematics.


of users opt-in for auto and home bundling.

The best car insurance companies in Ontario

The best auto insurance provider for yourself will be the one that meets all your coverage needs for the lowest rate possible, so be sure to research all your options carefully. Here's a quick overview of some of the top car insurance companies across Ontario.

    Looking for an experienced Ontario car insurance broker?

    We've got you covered – schedule a call with a RIBO licensed auto insurance broker from's own brokerage, RH Insurance Inc.

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