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Travel insurance for visitors to Canada

Canada is a fun and safe place to visit, but every trip needs coverage. In just a few minutes, get a Canadian travel insurance quote from anywhere in the world.

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What is travel insurance for visitors to Canada

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If you’re visiting Canada on business or pleasure and no matter your length of stay, having the right travel insurance as a visitor to Canada is important. A travel medical insurance for visitors to Canada policy covers expenses related to emergency medical treatment, ambulance, and hospitalization in the event of injury or illness.

It's important to note that visitors to Canada are responsible for covering the cost of their own medical care, so having travel insurance coverage for visitors to Canada is especially recommended if you’ll be partaking in any outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, playing sports, hiking or camping.

Many travel insurance plans are also designed to meet the Government of Canada's requirements for super visas and the International Experience Canada program.


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How visitors to Canada travel insurance coverage works

Ideally, you should buy visitors travel insurance as soon as your visa, work or vacation travel plans are in place. Plus, to ensure there aren’t any gaps in your health insurance coverage, aim to have your policy in place before you leave for Canada. Some travel-focused insurance companies like World Nomad also offer the option to buy coverage while abroad, giving you the ability to access coverage from anywhere in the world, but there is a waiting period of up to 36 hours for benefits to kick in.

Canada is well known for its natural beauty and the opportunity to visit 38 national parks and more than 1,000 provincial and territorial parks. If you’re visiting Canada to enjoy outdoor activities, having coverage for emergency medical care is especially important. Along with coverage for emergency medical costs, World Nomad offers speciality coverage for more than 150 adventure activities including skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and camping and trekking—a good idea if you’re camping by Lake Louise in Banff National Park or hitting the slopes of Whistler or Mont-Tremblant.

Travel insurance is also available for anyone working in Canada on a seasonal or temporary basis in jobs that don’t offer benefits. For example, World Nomad insurance also offers coverage for visitors to Canada working in childcare, farm work, fruit picking, teaching, hospitality, restaurants, office and administration, and ski and snowboarding instruction. Landed immigrants must wait three months after arrival before provincial health benefits kick in, and visitors insurance is also available so you’re covered during that period.

As with all types of insurance, premiums will depend on your age and any pre-existing medical conditions, as well as the total coverage and deductible amount.

How to get cheap travel insurance for visitors to Canada.

You'll love Canada, but you need to make sure you're covered for whatever your trip entails. Get a free online travel quote for your upcoming trip to Canada.

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