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Find the best whole life insurance quotes in Canada

Looking for permanent life insurance that lasts a lifetime at an affordable rate? Look no further. Compare whole life insurance quotes with one of our licensed brokers today and get the protection you deserve at the right price.

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What is whole life insurance?

Matt Hands

Whole life is a type of permanent life insurance, meaning it lasts for the duration of your life – as long as you continue paying your premiums on time. So when you pass away, your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit from your insurer. Because the policy is virtually guaranteed to pay out eventually, whole life insurance premiums are more expensive than the premiums for term life insurance. And aside from the payout, there are other advantages, including the accumulation of a cash value within your policy.

Whole life insurance is one of the most popular types of life insurance coverage in Canada, perhaps being a 'standard' permanent life insurance plan. These plans never expire, so it's a great option for people who want to maintain their life insurance coverage during their old age.

Whether or not whole life insurance is the right option for you depends on a few factors, though – so learn more about whole life policies with us below, and compare your own personalized life insurance quotes once you're ready.

Is whole life insurance worth it?

The premiums on a whole life policy are generally much more expensive than that of a term life policy. But while most people won't need coverage for their entire lifetime, a whole life plan can be worth it, depending on the needs of your specific situation – here are three examples of when permanent life insurance coverage could be a good idea.

  • Trust fund: If you want to build a trust fund for future generations, a whole life policy can be just what you need.

  • Estate planning: A whole life policy is one tax-advantaged way to leave your beneficiaries with a large sum of money.

  • Business operations: As a business co-owner, whole life insurance can provide the funds needed for a buyout agreement upon death.

The benefits of whole life insurance

Aside from covering you for your entire life, whole life insurance has a number of other key features that set it apart from other products – here are three advantages to choosing a whole life policy.

The premiums in whole life insurance stay level for the entire duration of the policy. This means that they generally start at a higher rate than term life policies, but will eventually be lower in later stages of life – because term premiums increase each time you renew your policy. Some whole life policies will allow you to pay premiums, sometimes increased, for a set period of years or up to a certain age, with no more payments required after that.

Find out how much you could save on whole life insurance.

In just a few steps, you can request customized permanent life insurance quotes from Canada's top life insurers. We make it easy to find your best rate today!

How much does whole life insurance cost?

While the cost of whole life insurance will differ depending on the policyholder's individualized profile, here are estimated whole life rates for a healthy, 35-year-old living in Canada.

We've comprised a more thorough analysis of how life insurance policy pricing works here.

How whole life insurance quotes are calculated

  1. Age

    The older you are, the more expensive your whole life premiums will be. But keep in mind that locking in a low rate early can also mean you're making more payments during your lifetime.

  2. Gender

    When it comes to life insurance, males generally pay higher rates due to the statistical risk factors of life expectancy.

  3. Health

    Life insurance companies like to see low-risk policyholders, so pre-existing conditions, smoking, substance abuse, and a complicated family medical history will lead to higher whole life insurance rates.

  1. Payment period

    Not all whole life policies require premiums to be paid until death. If you choose to accelerate your payment plan (e.g. pay off in 10 years), expect your rate to be much higher.

  2. Coverage amount

    While the death benefit on a whole policy isn't fixed, selecting a higher face value or a higher guaranteed return rate will lead to more expensive premiums.

  3. Dividends

    Participating policies pay out dividends – so insurance rates are typically higher for these plans. But dividends can also be credited as part of your premium, lowering your out-of-pocket cost.

Can you convert term life insurance to whole life?

In most cases, you'll be able to convert your term life insurance into whole life coverage before the policy expires. Because you won't need to re-qualify, this can be a good option if your health has deteriorated as it can otherwise be difficult to purchase a brand new policy for a good price.

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What is whole life insurance vs term life

*To learn more, check out our blog about the difference between whole life insurance vs term life.

Comparing whole life insurance vs universal life insurance

There are three main differences between whole and universal life insurance policies: premiums, benefits, and investments. Click on each feature below to learn what differentiates these two types of life policies.

Whole life insurance premiums stay the same for the entire duration of the policy, whereas universal premiums can be negotiated higher or lower, depending on the company and your policy.

*To learn more, check out our blog about the difference between whole life insurance vs universal life.

Ready to speak with a broker about whole life insurance?

Request your free whole life insurance quotes today and find out which Canadian life insurers offer the most affordable policy options to meet your personal coverage needs.

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All about your whole life insurance quote

Securing your whole life insurance online with us is simple – in just a few steps, you can bind your policy from one of Canada's top providers for the best rate possible. Here are our most frequently asked questions about the process, answered. works with partners to help you compare whole life insurance quotes from over 20 of Canada's top providers. That way, you won't need to visit multiple brokerages or insurers in order to find the cheapest option for your needs – we shorten the process for you in one go. 

Each quote is calculated using the life insurance company's own underwriting process, so you can receive an accurate estimation based on your personalized factors. 

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